Friday, February 01, 2008


"Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe." Saint Augustine

"Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you." Princess Diana

Loved these two quotes for ages and perfect to share with you today. Being nominated by other bloggers for awards makes for a wonderful day. Not only did someone read your blog but they thought enough to share one of their awards. Blogging is a strange little world where you get to peek into other people's creative projects, holiday photos or ramblings about their day.

Blogging does take time and effort to create the space and then fill on a regular basis with interesting titbits. Some of us do it for professional reasons and some for a way to connect with family and friends. What ever the reason all bloggers have something in common, we like to share the joy of our discoveries in arts, crafts, recipes, or life and the possibilities of all kinds of good things.

We might not see each other and am sure we all see lots in our world that is not great but continue to post - shining the spotlight on good things we can find sharing with anyone who cares to look. Some of my favourite bloggers include

Ladies, consider yourself nominated for which ever awards you have not received already as my way of saying thank you for being a bright spot in my day.

Lisa of Heart of the Nest and Imagination Cafe is hosting the One World One Heart event that is link 100s of bloggers from around the world, who ordinarily might not have got to meet.

The idea is that we post a RAK (give away) of our craft or something nice with all the drawings Valentines Day. Can not decide on the give away, shall I create something or assemble a collage package of bits & pieces for someone to do their own thing.

According to the little stats maker 100's of people visit this space every weekend, if you deduct my mum and best friends, that still leaves a few of you unaccounted for, from all kinds of places including Africa, India, Japan, and even Brazil.

As a warm up for this give away - why don't you post, say hello, wave your flag from where ever (you know I love to travel) and let me know what you think would be a good RAK. Then I can get cracking and contribute to this One Wold One Heart event as a reward or thank you to all of you.


Lori said...

Mandy, congrats on all of your awards:) i had not seen the one with the little girl in the swing, that is darling!!!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Congratulations on all of your awards! And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for mentioning my blog! =) I so look forward to spring so I can start uploading some new photos! I like the idea of the Valentine's Day giveaway. I have one going on right now, but will do another for Valentine's Day. =) Have a happy weekend!

kate said...

Congratulations on your awards ... this is my first visit to your site (from Beachy's place).

I vote for your creating something!

You are lucky to live in a warmer climate now. I live in Regina, Saskatchewan and boy,we have had a bitterly cold week.

Do you miss the snow?

PROLIX de Normandie said...


Happy new year!

Best wishes!!!


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Jill said...


Your summary of blog land, perfect!

Thank you for the nomination, and yes, I too feel it is an honor each time someone nominates my blog.

Great paper craft idea's, love the giveaway!

Mandy, you should be nominated for the generous sweet soul giveaway, as your generosity over exceeds all of those awards!

Have a great weekend my friend..

Jill xo

Shirley Fyfe said...

Congratulations on your awards Mandy - you are indeed very deserving of them all!

I think most people really enjoy receiving the hand-crafted RAK's - it's a little bit of the blog person they enjoy that they hold in their hand!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

mandy- you are so kind!
I am glad to know that someone is enjoying those recipes (besides me!)
I can't wait to see what you are posting as your giveaway! Check mine out.
I'll be back.