Sunday, September 16, 2007


Time never changes the memories,
the faces of loved ones
who bring to me all that I come from
and all that I live for and
all that I'm going to be
my precious family is
more than an heirloom to me

A mini book on the theme of family using vintage photos. The photos are from 1940-42 of a family in Manitoba, their album ended up at a market stall. How sad is that? Somewhere out there is a family with missing pieces of their heritage


noell said...

Just stunning. I love the way you wrapped the flourishes around the letters on the front. Your banner looks great, too, by the way. I LOVE it. I could sit and stare at your things forever.

GardenGoose said...

very pretty artwork. I too always hate to find those lovely vintage photos that have been just seemed to be tossed aside. Sad..but they do make for lovely art additions though.Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

PROLIX from la Normandie said...


I hope you're well.

Just pop to say it :

I stop the practice and the publication of any scrapbooking things since this moment.

Indeed, since 2005 such several things began to happened without stopping
(because I refused to do not honest things in work area as for an example :
- plagiarism people on virtual international galleries for making their articles into their issues "without it has the air",

- or because I refused to say yes to any negative pressures from people who wanted to take me professionnal informations by any means for making their own personal benefits,

- or because I refused to do jobs without having a work contract and a wage and wage bills, (what it has been refused to me several times),

- or working/giving my ideas for free in order other people are paid instead/make their own benefits on it into the industry,

- and I don't speak of the similar creations found on some few internet business sites which look like to some of pics creations I downloaded on virtual galleries recently,

etc etc etc...),

I refuse to stand anymore negative pressures, intimidation, mobbing, injures, insults, gossips, humiliations of any variety, and that even the memory of my deceased member of my family is used for hurting me.

If I have to get any job into any area, it will only be by my work, my professionnal abilities and experience.

If I have to get any job into any area, it will only be with a correct and honest work contract and a wage,
as laws forecast in any cases and into any country I suppose.

Nobody have to "offer" its work for free. A work has got a value : in time, in efforts, in stuffs budget, in researches time etc....

Work have to be respected. People who work have to been respected.

We are not free distributor of work.

We are craftworkers.

People won't never take us seriously if we go on to offer our job/work all the time as a "gift" to anybody.

I totally understand it exists competition and concurrence into any professionnal areas.

But nobody have to use that kind of disgusting practice for succeeding. Laws exist in any countries for protecting people of that.

Nobody have to stand all that I stand for months in silence...

I don't understand that still nobody do anything for making that kind of things stop.

I don't understand why it so much people tolerating that kind of acts without moving/acting.

It simply can happen to anybody.

People have to been respected.

We are human being, not supermarket objects.

Merci beaucoup and bonne chance to everybody!!!

Giant hugs!



{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Woman published more than 47 times since 1999,
art exhibited more than 45 times since 1995 :

Lisa said...

Beautiful mini book. I love the circular tabs!

Kate said...


Noelia said...

Great mini! It's beautiful! So glad that it was you that bought those heritage photos and you gave them a new home where they will be loved and appreciated :)

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

What a beautiful book. That is recycling at it's best.

Lori said...

yes, very sad...i love to buy old photos but i always wonder why they aren't being treasured by a family member

Cheryl said...

Lovely, lovely things! Gosh I just adore your style!!!

Lizz said...

This is spectacular!

Shirley said...

That is indeed sad isn't . . . you have done such a beautiful job with this - just lovely!