Sunday, August 26, 2007


Have you tapped into Chris Brown and the Urban Prairie yet? He describes his style as not your aunt’s country.

Chris and friends are capturing those every day cast offs and bringing them back to life with a very modern, urban, super cool twist & giving away a copy of Amy Bulter’s book for those who leave a comment on their blog.


StarrAltered said...

i like your banner, very cool!

lalalee said...

Thanks for the link Mandy, and I agree - your banner is fabulous!!
(lalalee @ sistv)

Lori said...

HI!! thanks for coming to visit me!! love your blog, the banner you made is fantastic!! i do love Chris Brown, he is very "cool" {i am older than you and i use that word} i am adding you to my lovely friends links and will be back to visit soon :)

milkcan said...

What a cool site. Thanks for pointing it out! Too bad I missed the drawing, though. I adore Amy Butler fabric!

Lee-ann said...

Pearl Mandy how honoured I am to see such a beautiful artist take the time to visit my simple country blog here in Australia, I am so pleased you did stop by...because I have enjoyed very much reading your posts over the past months.

I think your banner tells a person a lot about you and your banner tells me you are a kind gentle soul full of perfect grace. :)

best wishes to you.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Thank you for this link! And your banner is very lovely! Yes, you may certainly link to me, and I'd love to see your CapeCod creations! =)