Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Don't you just love the spontaneity of nature and finding rainbows on the horizon.  A scientist might be able to explain the process of light refractions and dust and moisture, but I like to consider finding a rainbow a little bit of magic in your day.

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Laura said...

pure magical beauty Mandy!

TP said...

Beautiful! I love the magical qualities of a rainbow!!

Jeanie said...

A bit of magic indeed! Lovely!

Joy said...

So fantastic! God's creation:)

Naturegirl said...

Oh yes Mandy rainbows are a bit of Magic!
Happy Spring!

Chrisy at Good North Coast Life said...

Awesome shot.
Just popping back in to say hi and thank you for continuing to link up with us.
Whenever l see a rainbow l always think of Dad, and the way he would always talk about pots of gold :) He obviously believed in magic !!