Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Getting outdoors and making the new year memorable

Happy New Year  !
This new year marked the start of an exciting adventure after being introduced the first time to the native Australian stingless bees.  In the photos they are the tiny little black spots, how nice to not have to be afraid of a bug bite or find a bee without a stinger.

This year's summer holiday reading list included The Life of The Bee by Maurice Maeterlinck. Lots of interesting things the average person would  not know, like a Queen Bee could die of loneliness without all her busy little buddies, shows how tight knit their communities are.  We forget the world is all interconnected in some way.  If we all do our little bit to look out for little creatures or our patch of the environment it can impact the collective community.
My other fun start to the year is participating in One Little Word. Instead making a whole list of resolutions, some folks think about one guiding word that frames everything in their year.  Last year I had zen, that beautiful blissed out feeling would be nice, I was hoping to settle on balancing in the middle ground of what we would like to be and where things are. Click the link if you are interested in reading more about the One Little Word program.
This year my word is joy, as in looking for the joy in ordinary little moments, finding the joy in chores because that is the fuel that gets them done and appreciating all that is good in our world.
Looking forward to hearing about your plans and figuring out how to make 2014 meaningful or memorable.
Am busy developing new workshops for 2014 featuring mail art themes. This is one of the Crate Paper projects from last season
And wait till you see what we got up to with this collection.

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Rose Brier Studio said...

Our garden seems to be designed for bees. All their movement and activity makes me smile. Bees are amazing creatures!

I love your artwork for Joy. I think paying attention to the little things is awfully important. Have fun tomorrow and Thurs. Can't wait to hear what you did.

Jen Kershner said...

Joy is my favorite word! Not just a word for a year, but my word for life! Enjoy your joy filled year.

Chrisy Clay said...

Thanks so much for joining me in my first ever blog link party.

Love the photo of the stingless bees, and the book sounds like a really interesting read.

sage and spirit said...

Stingless bees....I never knew they existed! How wonderful to learn about nature in other countries!

Love the word you chose for 2014. My word is balance, something I believe I need more of. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Cindy Gay said...

Love the crate paper and basic grey projects!

Jane said...

Nice word - Joy! I wish you plenty of it in 2014. Jane x