Saturday, November 03, 2007


Jamie of Starshyne Productions had a post on her blog today on this subject and it was too good not to share with our own little version

Make the world a better place.....

In the theme of if everyone had a really great day we would have a better chance for peace. Do your best to have a great day today and to make this a great day for someone else!

Leave each place you go a little bit nicer because you were there.

Smile at people.

Be your best self. The world needs all the wonderful parts of you.

Call your mom, mum, or nice older lady in your life.

Encourage people's dreams, including your own.

Cultivate great manners.

Tell someone you love them (preferably if it's true).

Reconcile with someone.


Remember to say thank you for the good that you see to the universe, angels, your maker or who ever you think is listening.

What would you add to the list?

Me, I am off to be creative

How about a little RAK action to make your day? Shirley at Reflections has a posted pics of cards using the new Rasberry Paper that are worth checking out {here is the link} along with some good tips on art on dominos.


Jamie said...


Thanks for spreading the positivity! I'll look forward to seeing what your readers add too :)

cindy said...

What a wonderful list. Something we can all strive to do each day. Thanks for a great post.